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Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc. - Easton, MA
Depot Street, Easton, MA

Click to enlarge photo of Shaw's - Easton, MA


This existing supermarket was approximately 52,000 square feet in size. It received a complete renovation by relocating major departments. In addition to renovating the store interior, it received a 17,000 square foot addition to the left-hand side of the store. While creating the new addition, the entire facade of the building was removed and reconstructed. This created a newly expanded 69,000 square foot supermarket.

The project consisted of major demolition of the existing retail plaza, while leaving all remaining tenants in operation. The contract included extensive site work and site utility work to expand the parking lot areas and create new drainage throughout the parking center.

This project demonstrated that Vertec has the resources, the expertise, and the project management skills to successfully complete a large scale, occupied building project on time and within budget.

Owner: Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc. - Albertson's
Architect: Mount Vernon Group

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