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Upham's Corner Health Center

Click to enlarge photo of Upham's Corner Health Center

413-415 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA

This 36,000 s.f. clinical facility is the first major new construction project in the Upham's Corner business district in more than 30 years. The state-of-the-art clinical facility offers walk-in urgent care services, a pharmacy, an ob/gyn center and a pediatrics department, as well as specialties such as dermatology, podiatry and mental health. The Health Center is sited on the location of the former Martins nursing home, which was abandoned for several years and was the turn of the century residence of the former Upham's family in which the Health Center & Upham's Corner were named after.

In contrast with the former structure, the new building is a state-of-the-art new clinical building, striving to emulate the architecture of the other significant structures of Upham's Corner by interpreting their designs.

Owner: Upham's Health Committee, Inc.

Architects: Primary Group Architects, Inc.

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