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Corporate Officers
Quality Control

William C. Faradie, Jr. and William C. Faradie, III

VERTEC Corp., operating as Builders/Construction Managers was founded in 1981 by its President, Bill Faradie Jr.

Vertec has distinguished itself as a premier Builder/Construction Management Firm specializing in the adaptive re-use of historically significant buildings, affordable and mixed-use housing, community health centers and hospitals, educational institutions, and retail supermarkets.

Comprehensive services that Vertec provides include:

  • Design review and budget analysis
  • Estimating and value engineering
  • Construction and construction management

Cost control is enhanced by our in-house capability to handle all project details. We monitor daily production and scheduling which allows for better cost management. Our ability to analyze the methods, materials, and systems allows us to develop accurate information for our clients and meet critical deadlines. The result to this approach is greater accountability and better coordination with all systems in place.

Personal attention is achieved through our dedicated construction management team in which their combined skills and disciplines have contributed greatly to our success. Vertec can offer the personal 'hands on' involvement characteristic of the smaller company, plus the diversified experience of a much larger organization.

High Standards in building materials and craftsmanship are insisted upon along with strict adherence to the construction schedules.

Vertec warranties all work with the confidence of a competent and responsible builder and contractor. To echo our emphasis in quality construction, we set the same standard of excellence with the understanding that a satisfied client will be a repeat client.

"Inherent in all our work is our underlying commitment to
quality and integrity, the hallmark of our company."

William C. Faradie, Jr.
President & CEO

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Corporate Officers

William Faradie, Jr.WILLIAM C. FARADIE, JR.
President and CEO

Founder and owner of this successful construction company for over twenty-eight years, Bill has watched his company grow and become an important player in the construction marketplace. The long lasting relationships over the years are a testament to the many successful projects that Vertec has completed.

After majoring in Architectural Engineering Technology at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Bill began his career as a small contractor and in 1981, Vertec was founded presenting the opportunity to create the kind of construction company that he had envisioned. A professional firm committed to quality and integrity staffed by a talented team of construction professionals with the skills and disciplines necessary to handle all aspects of a construction project.

Bill is a former Treasurer of the Master Builders association of Boston and a former member of the Brockton Housing Partnership Task Force.

Billy Faradie III joined his father and has worked hard to become a valuable member of this team.

Treasurer / Senior Project Manager

Actively involved in the business with his father assisting in the scheduling and decision making process of the company. Billy is a corporate officer and a senior project manager in the company, overseeing field operations and management of our highest profile fast track projects.

LEED LogoA graduate of Stonehill College, where he majored in finance, and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Billy also attended Harvard University - Graduate school of Design. Billy completed his Wentworth Institute, ABC City of Boston license review and has a Massachusetts Construction Supervisors license and a Virginia Construction Supervisors license.

Vice President / Field Construction Manager

Charlie offers over 30 years of experience as a field supervisor in the construction industry. His ability to iron out most any problem has earned him the nickname the "Wrinkle-free Man" throughout the industry. He is well known and respected by Vertec clientele, and is a major asset to the successful portfolio that the company has achieved over the years.

Charlie was a member of the US Army Corp of Engineers. He holds a ABC Merit Shop Certificate and is a BC Licensed Builder in Boston and Brookline.

Charlie works with our project managers as a key member of the construction team. He is involved in major capital projects and oversees field operations.

Vice President / Senior Field Supervisor

Les has been a member of the Vertec team since 1981 and has over 30 years of commercial, residential and retail construction experience. Les has an extensive structural and civil engineering background with full layout experience. He is a master carpenter with expertise in architectural woodworking. Les is a BC licensed builder in the cities of Boston and Brookline and a licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Broker (Mass # 104185).

Quality Control

Vertec has made a firm commitment to excellence, where quality is more than a goal, it is a constant. Our quality control program stands throughout all facets of pre-construction, construction undertakings, as well as post-construction services.


Vertec employees When our team is brought in to the project at the pre-construction stage, our quality program begins with a detailed understanding of the project specifics and the selection of the right project personnel. We select the right people for each project with the understanding that the proper resources and information will result in cost control and quality control throughout the construction process. We do not utilize square foot costs or industry standard multipliers. Instead, we produce a detailed construction cost estimate and time line project schedule utilizing the latest in construction technology and information specific to each project. This information is developed by our estimators, project managers, and most importantly, industry subcontractors and vendors. Through our strong performance track record, we command the utmost of the industries attention, which translates to quality products for our clients.

The review of plans and specifications assisting in the design and development of a project illustrates the benefit of our working relationship with the project architect. This involvement facilitates more accurate pricing models, scheduling analysis and completely familiarizes the project team with all of the project specifics up front, rather than at a more costly later date.


Vertec employees Quality and our reputation as a quality builder is our strongest asset. Our quality control program utilizes procedures that have been proven under demanding projects to deliver and exceed the expected level of quality standards throughout the construction process. It is a team effort that involves every member of the project team. The quality begins with the in-house committee involved in the selection of each subcontractor. Prior to the subcontract award, all potential subcontractors are reviewed and approved by a member of the Estimating Department, Project Management and the principals of the firms to insure that the efforts that have been made by our group establish a strong industry reputation, William Faradie, III and Charles Wilsonare not placed at risk by an untried or untested subcontractor. Once all parties have approved the selection of the subcontractor, the subcontractor is then held to extremely strict quality guidelines in the field.

The Project Superintendent is the front line of quality control on site commanding our standards on all construction, including temporary components (barriers, staging, etc.). The Project Manager enforces all of our contractual language and at any time with any subcontractor, we will replace a subcontractor if there is any risk of jeopardizing our client's interest or our venture's industry reputation.

Risk & Safety Management

Vertec is 100% committed to the safety for all those that step foot on our jobsites.

Vertec works directly with Risk & Safety Management, a consulting firm that specializes in construction safety and oversees Vertec's OSHA safety program. They conduct weekly jobsite inspections on all of Vertec's jobsites. They also hold training sessions on construction topics, compile safety manuals, and offer their professional assistance should an OSHA inspection occur. The job of Risk & Safety Management is to expose and report any unsafe conditions and see that they are corrected immediately. If a potential violation should arise, a written report is drawn up and together with Vertec's Superintendent, the problem is immediately addressed and a solution is made before day's end.

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